Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yogyakarta police Ringkus Sender Mail Bomb Threat

Yogyakarta (ANTARA News) - Directorate of Criminal Investigation Special Region of Yogyakarta Police apprehended the perpetrator sending a series of bombing threats through a letter addressed to officials of the Police and TNI.

"The suspect with the initials of the AK aka NAA (28) was captured in rented house in the hamlet Banyumeneng, Banyuraden Village, District Gamping, Sleman regency, Tuesday (29 / 3) night around 21:00 pm," said Police Chief Gen. Pol DIY Ondang Budhi Sutarsa ​​Wednesday.

According to him, the suspect's hand is it seized two pieces of evidence in the form of letters addressed to Police Chief DIY and envelopes, two envelopes unsent letter and three mobile phones.

"In developing the examination, the suspect confessed that in addition to threats and terror to the police chief of DIY, he also sent a letter bomb terror threat to the police chief of Sleman, Sleman Mlati Kapolsek, Chairman of the Military Police Detachment (Denpom) DIY and Koramil Sleman," he said.

He said that in the examination while the suspects also confessed to all the series of threats ranging from writing letters to delivery done alone without any help from anyone else.

"The motive is suspect confessed while vengeance against someone and to vent her hurt to send a message of terror suspects to military and police are not calm, he's also not a member of a terrorist network that had been doing a lot of bombings in several regions in Indonesia," he said.

Ondang said the suspects will be charged with Article 369 of the Criminal Code and, if possible will be implemented the Eradication Act of Terrorism.