Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Antique Scooter Beraksesoris Ropes Pocong And Wreck Komodo

Run private I do not know him personally, but I am interested in the trinkets attached to scooternya. There Antique Scooter Ropes Pocong And Wreck of Komodo.

Often we may see some of scooter mania in the streets, especially those who are often held out of town touring. and diverse groups or Vespa scooter is scattered in this country. and carrying a variety of themes in it. I honestly do not understand just like the attention.

Even our colleagues are so serious to have a National Jamboree Annual Agenda Scooter but there's so interesting to tickle me when they found a Vespa or Scooter that differ among others, was the owner named Mr. Ben.

What are the unique, the theme is quite extreme, which is not in general despite the antique always show the coloring and cleanliness but it is different with this one. and considered the antique nyleneh increasingly has its own value. What are the contents in it?

Scooter It contains a variety of accessories, as they often tour around town Mr. Ben who had also become a member Sasana Sawunggaling boxing is often carry many different items as a memento such as when to Bali he brings offerings or offerings that have been used up, then dead dragons have been preserved, animal horns, rocks, rope pocong, women's bra strap, strap on slap stick various logos, flags and many more knick-perniknya very diverse. Of course all that has historical value as well make his own philosophy, not the origin place or put on her beloved scooter.

Scooternya Like what? look carefully in this photo