Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dinosaurs Found 'Strange' and Rare in Canada

ankylosaurus. (Foto: google) TORONTO (Reuters CAIRO) - A number of workers Suncor, a mining company operating in the middle of Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, surprisingly finds rare dinosaur fossil which is estimated around 110 million years old. In fact, hundreds of years ago, the area is covered by water.

At that time, Shawn Funk, machine operators degan mound diggers found a strange texture and shape material such as diamond pattern. After turn off the engine, along with Michael Gratton, supervisor, she sent the photos these findings to the Royal Tyrrell Museum.

The findings were very interesting to museum scientists and technicians sent to the location. And of research, Donald Henderson, curator of the Royal Tyrrell Museum, believes that an intact dinosaur skeleton is the oldest dinosaur ever found in Alberta.

Ankylosaurus dinosaur species, rare species of terrestrial dinosaur with a plate-shaped bone that protects the body.