Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Community Protection Officers Transfer Function So BPBD

Samosir , North Sumatra 30 / 3 (Xinhua) - The protection of people (Well) and firefighters under the auspices of the National Unity of Politics and Public Protection Samosir , North Sumatra, now beralihfungsi a Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) newly established in the area them.

"Alihfungsi that appropriate regulation number 4 Year 2011 concerning the organization and working procedures BPBD County," said the Vice Regent Naidoo Mangadap Pangururan Sinaga on Wednesday.

Well with the transfer of officers and members of the firefighters (P2K) to BPBD, then automatically nomenclature, the name of Office Politics of National Unity and Community Protection Office to change into the national unity.

Community Protection Officers and the P2K and all supplies fire extinguishers and other infrastructure tasks submitted to the Executive Head of BPBD, Purnamawan Malau.

"All officers will be stationed in each District and coordinated by the local subdistrict head. The transfer of duties, according to minister of interior circular No. 362/4396/SJ December 11, 2009, "said Mangadap.

He said empowerment unit referred Well, in assisting the activities of floods and landslides.

In addition, they also demanded protect society, maintain security, peace and public order and maintain social conflicts among communities, including terrorism that threaten the social harmonized, leading to the dis integration.

"Enhancing the role and functions of such officer, must be guided by the basic tasks, such as, Additional operation of public order and public tranquility." He said.

In addition, continued Mangadap, Additional operation of natural disasters and social and Additional elections and local elections.

"In performing its duties, the officers claimed to have Well preparedness and disaster response, as well as actively involved in field work by making a report to the Head BPBD," he said.

Mangadap notice to all sub-district head in the area of Samosir , in order to continue to monitor the performance of all members of the Well to be used as material evaluation.