Monday, March 28, 2011

Avoid These 5 Pose For Photo Profiles on Facebook

A variety of poses when taking photos and made a profile picture. And that poses then made a number of adolescent community profile photo on Facebook. But in fact there loh meaning of the pose. How?

MySpace Style
This style is where the men posed in front of the mirror with a camera phone and the woman posing with showing p * yudara. Many who think they look sexy, but actually it's more and more shows if they did not have any friends. This is a narcissistic style and show no one wanted to be near you, suffer from depression. Interestingly, motret own style with a cell phone dating site OK Cupid is a great way to get lots of attention and a message. But this is not applicable on Facebook.

Using the photographs object, infants, and pets
It may look cute but in fact it was not you. When viewing a profile picture like that will make your friends think maybe you're not handsome, fat, insecure, or disability, so do not want to display photos on Facebook. Instead, select the photos you cute like a baby or pet.

Picture taken while drinking
Maybe you're being photographed drinking a glass of wine or beer. However, images such as iitu will make you like a drunk and people do not want to be friends with you. This photo also ye like a star and it's detrimental to your ad. Already promote beer but do not get paid anything.

Photo busy-busy
This is one style of the most popular photos on Facebook. Though this picture can make you considered not confident because selecting photos gang. According to the survey, after a meeting with someone then 79 percent of the age group 16-21 years will see friends from the person concerned. There was no sense but most people judge a person's personality through a profile picture

Wedding or vacation photos
You still put up pictures of the wedding, even months after marriage. It's really fun to put up pictures wedding or vacation after months passed will make your friends get bored. In fact, thought to deliberately show off to friends who are still single. Vacation photos to make your friends will be shunned by co-workers really want a vacation like you but do not have the ability. Jealous an ordinary thing! Now depending on your choice you know!