Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stepfather sexually abused since the Seven Years

MANADO - Case lewd back again occur. The man had the initials SS aka Epen (30 an) Kamangta Villagers, District Tombulu, Minahasa, on Monday (03/28) earlier, around 18:00 pm, Police arrested forced the city of Manado.
Because the man who daily as construction workers have been molested his stepson, the young, call it the Rose (14). Mirisnya again, the victim is a teenage girl who was mentally retarded.
The arrest of the father of three children, following the case reported by the wife to Mapolresta Manado.
From information compiled beritamanado, mentions the case uncovered after one of his peers victim told the victim's mother during the week (28/03) yesterday.
The story, the evening was caught Epen neighbors are doing obscene acts against the Orange while his wife was not at home. Concerned with what it experienced the Rose, his neighbor was immediately forwarded to the victim's mother.
Suddenly his mother furious. From the recognition that the victim, her stepfather was working on these teenage girls still in school since 1st grade and was about 7 years, until the victim dropped out of school and are aged 14 years.
The mode by utilizing mental keterbalakangan victims to obtain sexual gratification, and it's done at home while his wife was out.
In order to account for his actions, Epen immediately herded into Police Headquarters Manado. When interrogated, the suspect has denied any clean hard to do these obscene acts.
Meanwhile, the VER (Visum Et Repertum) conducted Polisidi Bhanyangkara Hospital, showed the blood lining of the victims were torn.
Kapolresta Manado through the Head of Public Relations, AKP Desy Hamang confirmed the case is obscene. (Sa)