Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Webber: I Will Rise in Malaysia!

Pembalap RedBull, Mark Webber. (Foto: getty images) Milton Keynes - bad achievements listed Mark Webber at the Australian Grand Prix event last week. Nevertheless, Webber admitted looked ready to get up the next race in Malaysia.

In the race at Albert Park circuit on Sunday (03/27/2011) yesterday, Webber was unable to compete with his partner Sebastian Vettel is out as the winner. In fact, Red Bull driver must be satisfied to finish in fifth.

"I was not speeding in the race today (yesterday), the same as the previous qualifying sessions, so we need to find a reason why this could happen," said Webber, as reported by Crash.net.

Drivers 34 years admitted with resignation, because they can not do much. He was also admitted to feeling frustrated with the results achieved, but still optimistic the next GP in Malaysia.

"Vettel is driving well. However, instead I have different results with Vettel, as well as problems with the tires. It's unusual, but just calm down, this new first race, "he added.