Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Banana Berbodi car? Why not

PISANG Mobil Berbodi Pisang? Kenapa Tidak
Brazil Good news for lovers of the environment comes from the land of Samba, Brazil. For Brazilian scientists, headed by Alcides Leao PhD has developed a fiber material of natural materials such as banana, pineapple and some other plants.

Not only environmentally friendly, fiber is also claimed to be stronger and lighter than conventional plastic material. Though this fiber produced from cellulose nano-owned fruit substitute conventional plastics in the automotive industry.

In fact, this material tested by several car manufacturers, with quite promising results of renewable and environmentally friendly.

Remarkably, metal and fiber from the fruit is able to be aligned with bullet proof material, Kevlar. The difference, Kevlar is made from materials of natural gas and other chemicals that are not environmentally friendly.

Alcides reveal if his team are also the focus for developing this material as. And we predict if the fiber of this fruit can be marketed starting next two years, says Alcides. (