Tuesday, March 29, 2011

North Sumatra Police Arrest Two Bandar Judi

Medan , 29 / 3 (AFP) - North Sumatera Regional Police arrested two suspected bookies ball and dark toto beromset tens of millions of dollars that operate in the district of Deli Serdang on Monday (28 / 3).

Implementing Police Public Relations Head of North Sumatra Police chief Sr. Comr Hery Subiansuri in Medan , on Monday (28 / 3) night, said the first arrest made ​​Kasman alias account that manages gambling dark toto (toggle) Sidodadi Village, Banyan District, Deli Serdang .

In arrests carried out approximately at 16.30 pm, the police found some evidence of two units of mobile phones allegedly used to manage gambling, 11 installation rate recapitulation sheet, and one unit calculator.

From the investigation while, gambling practices were allegedly beromset toggle around Rp 10 million for one time lap.

Then, said Heri, catching the ball in the Village bookies Banyan, Banyan District, Deli Serdang around 18:00 pm with the suspect Susanto aka Ahai.

In these arrests, the police found some 10 pieces of evidence such as alleged booknotes to record the installation of gambling, three units of mobile phones, and one unit calculator.

While the investigation while, practice balls were allegedly gambling beromset approximately USD 50 million for one time lap.

Previously, Sr. Pol Hery Subiansuri say, gambling and illegal logging practices and drugs is a crime that became attentional Police Chief Inspector General Pol Amat Wisjnu Sastro that needs serious handling.

"Three evil that must be very serious attention. Because seriously, there should be no suspension of detention, "said Hery.