Monday, March 28, 2011

Child Malnutrition Still in Bitung

Bitung - Bitung City Health Department admitted immediately follow up on allegations of bad nutrition student reported Poltekes Manado. The reason, according to Ellen Bitung City Health Kadis Wuisan, the findings of these students still need to be studied further because of the report, the child has a disability since birth.

"That's not bad nutrition can be inferred, because according to information from my staff, the child suffered birth defects that are likely due to these factors that are considered nutritional deficiencies," said Wuisan to beritamanado, Monday afternoon.

Recognized still follow up the report, by the way children see first hand who live in the district Ranowulu. Where it will start making observations to determine whether a complete lack of nutrition or because it suffered disability factor.

"I've instructed the staff to do immediately for observation of the child in the near future we can know the outcome," him up. (En)