Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Millions of Silkworm Fur Attack Citizens Probolinggo

Millions of Silkworm Fur Attack Citizens Probolinggo - Daily News , If Indonesia is now being terrorized by a parcel bomb, unlike the East Java town of Probolinggo in the scene with terror millions of caterpillars that attack people every day. This phenomenon can be said is strange because the same has been attacked seven villages at once in Probolinggo. As a result, residents are forced to clean the yard of their home almost two hours every morning and evening.

Already this week the villagers Source Ulu, Leces, kedawung, Upper Maisonette, stress, sit, and Kerpangan fidgety by the attack of thousands of caterpillars that fall from the tree. They were forced to clean up their yard every day because these caterpillars had ruined their crops, and has even forced their way into the yard of the house and the inside of the house residents.

Not a few residents who feel the itching due to caterpillar hairs on the fly. It is also aggravating the condition of residents in seven villages. Even many residents who fled to the house of relatives to avoid the outbreak of hives. Citizens expect local government to intervene to solve this epidemic. Meanwhile, caterpillar attack was not only alarmed local residents, residents from nearby villages began to feel uneasy going to attack millions of these caterpillars.