Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Formulas How Ya Love Physicist?
Expressions of love are not the same, sometimes there is imitating his style of Romeo and Juliet who said they were most romantic. And there is also ignored me but cool. Now about that physicists love language like what? Let us look at :-)
Since meeting you, your love seed static energy has shocked my heart spring force, so that irregular heart beats like a drum sound waves that were irregular when I was a few feet from you. Reflection of light your love has killed strand bias shade my eyes so that your face is always in my brain.

Radiation Emission charm makes my brain can not think rationally, so that electromagnetic waves are affected in my heart your love magnet. Since then, the atoms making up this love because increasingly accumulate static electric force and potential energy in my heart.

As far from you, my love particles can not be silent so do collisions perfect resilience and produce energy missed by the formula E = MC2, which is where M is the period of time when more and more distant from you, the longing energy growing greater. My love to you while C is proportional to the Energy longing.

Efforts to provide lorenzt style you have given me with FL = i B Sin Oo. Hopefully with the decrease in the formula my love for you to understand the expansion of my love for you and increase the density of my love for love in my heart could pressure equilibrium after reacting with the light of your love. Where if FL is a style of my love for you will be directly proportional to i (electric current love) and B is the magnitude of the magnetic field in my heart and direction angle of reflection in love with Sin.