Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Work Program Must Have Latest Innovations

LUBUKPAKAM (News): Head of TP PKK Deliserdang District Anita Hj Amri Tambunan SKPD suggested that the work program must have the latest innovations for the program was not impressed that in doing that's it. So the program really touched the community.

It was in kemukakannya on the second day Musrenbang Regency Bappeda Deliserdang at the local hall in Lubuk Pakam, Thursday (24 / 3) who attended the Vice Chairman of TP PKK Ny Hj Zainuddin Asdiana Mars, Kadis S Marpaung Perindag I Artini, Kadis Kopersai and SMEs Ir Syarifah Alawiyah, the head of Culture and Tourism Drs Haris twinkle Ginting, Kadis Padar I Donald L. Tobias, the head Dukcapil Drs H. Ali Yusuf Siregar, community leaders, NGOs and representatives from the government district.

According to Chairman of TP PKK, to innovate, all parties must both work, so what is the constraint can be formulated together. For example, the location where the hawker night in Tanjungmorawa should be arranged either by making night hawker centers "Tamora Square", in fact, that it could become a tourist attraction.

So, with the Tamora Square, then the income traders will be much better. Moreover, the location which later became Tamorwa Square has a very strategic place. But this is only for the night, because if in use during the day so the traffic will get stuck, "he said.

While tailoring training to the pesermpua, Mrs Anita asked not only 10 karen a short time can not be produced penjahit.Sebab, time that is 10 has only been able to cut, but has not been able to sew. Therefore, we ask Disperindag to create a training program tailor-mejahit for women to be 10 days, so that what is given is not in vain, "he said.

So also to the community in one of the hamlets in the village of Labuhan Deli Sub Paluh Merbau is generally breeder ducks, also have to get attention, especially in the field of marketing of eggs and salted egg processing. All that, sebutanya, aims to improve family welfare. (JMC)