Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gerindra and Hanura "Walk Out"

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Parliament's decision making about the code of conduct for members of Parliament and order proceedings on the Honorary Board (BK), the House of Representatives in the Parliament Building in Jakarta on Tuesday, characterized the action "walk out" the two factions, namely Gerindra and Hanura.

Two factions claimed responsibility for the decision did not join it because it was not involved in the discussion of the draft code of conduct in Parliament BK. They expressed disappointment for not given the opportunity to engage in a discussion of the code of ethics that will apply to members of Parliament.

Disappointment delivered Gerindra Faction member House of Representatives Martin Hutabarat. "We are not involved in the discussion so it will not participate in decision making," he said.

However Chairuman Harahap (Golkar) states, the absence of the two factions in the discussion of ethics codes in BK DPR is in conformity provisions in the House and the principle of proportionality.

After that, there were 13 members and eight members Gerindra Fraction Fraction Hanura who attended the meeting led by Deputy Speaker of the House Priyo Budi Santoso, out of the boardroom.

But the meeting continued with the reading of the results of the discussion of the draft code of conduct by the Vice Chairman of the House Nudirman Munir BK.

Based on the code of conduct new member of Parliament, leaders and members of Parliament to prostitution and gambling are prohibited, except for purposes of official duties as a member of Parliament.

Article about the ban to the place of prostitution and gambling not previously listed in the old House of Representatives ethics code.

In the old code of ethics that governed only numbered 16/DPR RI/I/2004-2005 personality problem lawmakers set out in Chapter III of Personality and Responsibilities.

Meanwhile, in the new draft code of ethics, in draft Article 3 contains the prohibition for members to come to the location of prostitution and gambling.

In that draft, Article 3, paragraph (6) reads: "Members of Parliament were barred from entering places that are considered inappropriate in ethics, morals and norms generally accepted in the complex society such as prostitution and gambling, except for the benefit of their duties as members of the House of Representatives ".