Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dana Bos To Langkat Rp71 Billion

Langkat, North Sumatra , 30 / 3 (AFP) - School Operational Assistance Funds for Langkat North Sumatra, in 2011 it reached Rp71 billion more.

"We've been receiving BOS funding, but still we try disbursements as soon as possible," said Syam Sumarno, Head of Education and Teaching Langkat Stabat when contacted on Wednesday.

The total received BOS darii central government reached Rp 71,043,860,000, which is applied for 153 public and private junior high schools, and 611 public and private elementary schools, he said.

Syam Sumarno also explain to students receiving as many as 23 593 Junior High School students, as many as 14,676 private school students, while receiving as many as 118,971 elementary school students and private school students by 5355.

While students are recipients of BOS funds will be accepted per quarter. As junior high students will be received Rp 142,500 and per-pupil primary school will receive a registration Rp99.250, he said.

Meanwhile Sugirin as Section Head and vocational high school curriculum that also Maneger BOS in Langkat also explained that the BOS funds will also cater for RKA eperti personnel expenditures at the school.

It also can buy goods and services, as well as capital expenditure such as buying books, computers, or goods that do not run out a year, he said.

Sugirin also add to Langkat, the current BOS funds not be disbursed, it is still in process at the House of Representatives (DPRD) to seek approval ahead, so soon to be paid to the account of the recipient schools.

But until now it has not dropped a preliminary approval for it, when it come down soon we're willing to pay, he said .*** 3 ***