Wednesday, March 30, 2011

86 Novel Reveals Corruption in Court Practice

Jakarta When did you last read a novel that reveals the condition of the community where you live now? Amid the rush of the novels or even labeled builder soul inspiring success stories, Okky Madasari take another path through the novel, titled 86.
86? This title may remind you of George Orwell, 1984, which are both pointed to the numbers. However, the difference, if its 1984-Orwell refers to the number of years, his 86-Okky refers to a code that is popular among law enforcement.
Initially, the term of eight six? used in the language of the police radio, which means the information already received. However, lately, the same term used by practitioners in law to refer cases already settled, already settled with money.
Novel conspicuous yellow-bound 252 pages thick as it has an interesting main character. He is a young woman named Arimbi, low employee at a court office. His job everyday typing incoming cases.
Her boss, Mrs. Danti, is a figure that represents what is later known to the public as a broker case. The lawyers have to make peace with him if they handle cases like completed quickly, and ends happily for all.
As a new employee, initially Arimbi confused with such a system. However, gradually, without really realizing it, he was dragged into the currents put him in difficulties. He blamed Mrs Danti for all that, but still helpless to face a fraud that is so well established, systematic, and menggurita.
This novel became kedasaran for community projects that might later be treated to more stories about dreams. The novel is the work of both Okky 86, a former journalist who now teaches at the University of Paramadina. Her first novel, Entrok received positive response from critics and the public.
Through 86, Okky restore the tradition of literature as resistance to inequality in society. Particularly in relation to the issue of corruption, Okky has continued what has been championed among others by Ramadhan KH (eg via a novel Dryland Perminus) and Satyagraha Hoerip through almost all the short stories.
Through a simple figure Arimbi the plain, the novel aroused public criticism. That, corruption has been ingrained, and the system itself in various government agencies, must be constantly resisted.
Eradication of corruption must be done in various ways. Besides the nature of enforcement, namely to punish the guilty, prevention should be conducted. Especially with the growing awareness, said Okky to portalnewshot.
Okky believe, literature is one of the most effective medium to raise public awareness. Moreover, amid news that its bombardment of short-term only, he added.
From the artistic side, Okky tells his story with a straightforward language, without the flowers, but still felt strong. Inserts love story in life Arimbi gives color to the novel, so it is not only flavorful resistance.