Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Koka, 'The Dream Beach' Hidden

pantaikokaflores Koka, The Dream Beach yang Tersembunyi
Doc. detiktravel

- Mainland Flores save a lot of the beauty of exotic landscapes, although not as popular beaches in Bali or Lombok. One of the beautiful beaches but not much visited by the Coast Koka, which is located 48 km from the town of Maumere, Kabuparen Sikka, Flores.

To reach the area dubbed 'The Dream Beach' it Maumere town is not easy, because the entrance is less visible and signposts toward him is not too clear. But to get there, you can ask the locals.

As quoted from detiktravel, to enjoy the beauty of exotic beaches Koka, you have to down a winding road toward the direction of Ende. The trip usually takes over an hour until finally arriving in the District of Paga, which is the location of this beach. Oh yes, before entering the District Paga, you can enjoy smoked fish are sold along the road. For the three smoked fish are large, you can simply spend USD 20 thousand only.

After entering the District Paga, by following the guide, you can get to this beach in a few minutes and see the scenery is very beautiful and charming. From the main road, you have to browse the small road for about 15 minutes. Because the roads are quite small and not good condition, you should walk or bike ride to get there. When searching for the location of the beach, you should pay attention to the guide carefully. Because of its size is very small and closed the bushes.

However small your business down the road and the winding will pay off with views of sandy white beaches and blue sea of ​​soothing. The attraction of this beach is a blue water clear because it has not touched the hands of ignorant.

One more characteristic of this beach are the waves are big. Exposure to strong waves, high waves and sometimes can reach 1.5 meters. For those of you who like surfing, it seems could be the right location. But should be wary of the power of the waves, because deburannya can be quite loud.

Enjoy the natural beauty as an endless beach Koka, unfortunately this one tourism potential has not been used optimally. Lack of tourism promotion and the facilities might be one cause. In fact, if treated better, Koka Coast could become a tourist destination that is not less interesting than tourist sites known in advance.