Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dede Yusuf National Film Critics Atmosphere Day

Bandung (ANTARA News) - Vice Governor of West Java, Dede H Joseph criticized the managers of theaters in the area that the majority still put pictures and play imported films, especially Hollywood productions at the National Film Day March 30, 2011.

"It was less fit when on the day of this Indonesian film, still appears a number of cinemas that displayed posters of Hollywood films. Yes should be a minimum of three days does not hold it, "said Dede Yusuf in discussions related to the movie National Film Day 2011 in Bandung on Wednesday.

These conditions, says Dede, very ironic at the same time became the National Film Day which seeks to restore the glory and popularity of the film products within the country.

"Supposedly this time for three days without a foreign film, so there is a sense of love for the movie industry," he said.

According to Dede, the cinema is the spearhead for increasing return love to the movie industry. For that, there should be regulation on film, in which when in one building there are three cinema room, a play room set aside for national films.

He said foreign films is still a dominating interest visitors cinema, but on the other hand the need for efforts to restore the love and interest in watching the movie industry some of whom have a high enough quality.

On that occasion, Dede Yusuf also encouraged to show regional movies that raise the local content and local potentials.

"Unfortunately there are still a few people who think local film-making by local governments as an extravagance, while films about ghosts so swift in the national film markets," said Dede Yusuf.

He invites people to participate in giving impetus to the central government and human film to encourage local filmmaking.

She said the need for governments to encourage players to lift the national film culture keanekaragamana area.

"People should be encouraged to re-create a community to find love of the movie industry as they love and want to watch movies Si Kabayan, monkey Kasarung, Macan Kemayoran and others," said former cinema that artist.

On that occasion, Dede who was also born from the world of cinema to invite the whole community to spread the message to grow and nurture the longing of the film.

"The film is not necessarily the only regional language, can speak Indonesian, but her story is the theme and plot could expose the wealth of character and culture of the region," he said.

In addition, Dede Yusuf is also encouraging the growth of independent films or commonly known as short films. The films provide a space to be able to express the richness and message areas or particular themes unique and special money.

Commemoration Day at the National Film Theatre held at the Regent Bandung Jalan Sumatera, Bandung. Activities linked to commemorate Bandung Film Festival 2011 was also charged with serving the film "tempo doeloe" Prayer works titled Blood and Usmar Ismail.

It also held a short film or independent film, Dodoo Garut and Kampung Naga.

While the discussion themed film "Lovely Reviving Local Culture Through Independent filmmakers", featuring speakers Dede Yusuf H, Ki Haryono (IKJ) and Chairman of the Forum Film Bandung H Eddy D Iskandar, who is also a novelist.