Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Contains Violence, Anti-Israel Facebook eliminate Pages

Gambar ilustrasi. (Foto: google) CALIFORNIA (News CAIRO) - The Israeli government asked for up to remove a page named Third Palestinian Intifada.

Israel considers the page was filled with hatred against the Jews. Had refused the request, the up eventually remove it.

Previously, spokeswoman for up to explain why they refused the request. "Although some comments and the content may upset some people, but this is no reason to remove a discussion that happened. We believe users are able to express their opinion and we do not usually remove the content or group or page that speaks about the state, religion, politics or ideas,"

But now, the most popular networking site in the world is rid of pages that its members have reached the range of 350 thousand person. In essence, the page referred to voice their opposition to Israel, by force if necessary.