Tuesday, March 29, 2011

10 Type Status Singles

Singles? Who's afraid of .. That's probably the right thing to say. Because not everyone suffers singles. Sometimes the many who find happiness in times when they were singles.
Some Type Status Singles. Singles, perhaps we have all experienced it, a lot of perspective about the status of single, nobody likes single, and many also do not want this status. If you've familiar with the term Jojoba (singles-happy singles), it turns out the term does not have a boyfriend Singles alias has 9 types of status Singles, among others:

Singles true.

Adherents of this status has never been courting usually pure, not yet understand about love, because his mind is only focused on the study or career or something out of love, and even have never liked anyone. General characteristics: thick glasses, looks a bit messy sometimes

Singles Blue.
Usually held by someone who had officially dropped out a couple, usually because they are bored or longer empty. General characteristics: cheerful face as new inmates are free, have found life again, often seen street with her friends and so forth.

Singles Hunter.
This status is normally for people who already enjoy the status jomblonya, frequently change partners, singles again and a new hunting partner. Characteristics generally have the talent seems to be a celebrity, confidence is high, and often stocking charm.

Singles Final.
This status for jomblowers who have been close to someone and almost took off jomblonya status. Its general character every day can not be separated from the mirror, diligent care for face and body, like reading horoscopes, and love to smile to myself when reading SMS.

Singles minus.
This status to the newly diputusin by her partner and be in the mood to sad or unable to accept the reality of the breakup. Its general character emotionally, do not like romantic movies, and mood worsened.

Singles Sniper.
Never before going out, but it was like someone. Unfortunately, not yet dare to express love to someone he liked. General characteristics: lack of confidence, often alone in a lonely place.

Singles Error.
Never had undergone successful courtship, when expressed in love is always rejected, and almost always like someone who already has a lover. Its general character was always excited when invited acquaintances, and had a passion for hunting engaged, married and so forth.

Singles Impossible.
It is a status to someone who can not have people he likes, because people who liked the artist or celebrity, tycoon boyfriend, neighbor's wife, and so forth. Its general character to appear neat and attractive, and behave like artists.

Singles Forever.
This status is only reserved for someone who is just waiting and hoping to have a man or woman of your dreams, without obvious effort. Characteristics generally have Diman idol posters everywhere and too obsessed with the term celebrity fans.

of various types above, mTermasuk Singles whether your status?
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