Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Results and Video Games Costa Rica vs Argentina (Friendly Match 2011)

Results Costa Rica vs. Argentina. After the draw with the United States held 1-1, Argentina again failed to gain victory over Costa Rica. In a test match after a few moments ago, Costa Rica is able to hold them with the score 0-0.

Playing at the Estadio Nacional de Costa Rica San Jose, Wednesday, March 30, 2011, Argentina as dead creations, some of the major stars can not be derived, including Lionel Messi, who is still injured.

Fairly radical changes implemented by coach Sergio Batista, the main stars in the previous game against the United States dropped a lot of that is stored, instead of the less famous names that graced the line up.

The first round matches went flat, Costa Rica hosts more frequently and tend to show crude defensive game with their offenses.

One of the best opportunities Tango belongs striker Jose Sosa is receiving feedback Ever Banega, but Sosa still able to kick the goalkeeper anticipated by the opponent, Keilor Navas, with glorious rescue.

Bryan Ruiz could make supporters of Argentina beat faster, when he opened fire on a flat hard nan is escorted toward the goal keeper club Catania, Mariano Andujar, but the tip of Andujar makes the ball wide.

The second half is like a match in the first interval of 45 minutes, Argentina often struggled to break the tight line behind Costa Rica, Javies Pastore was also not able to show off with his skill, as he usually displayed with Palermo.

Batista then decided to enter new names for the refresher. Mario Bolatti, Fernando Belluschi and Nicolas Otamendi play, but the result still the same.

Both teams really rarely involved adu ciamik attack, which is often one of the two teams do bait and so easy to lose control of the ball.

Albiceleste had no solid in the first round, and in the second half was even worse. The only chance is good enough to be owned by the defender, Marcos Angeleri.

Players who played for the club Sunderland are doing hard shot and put the ball into the top corner, but once again belong Navas special appearance and score did not change.

Results 0-0 following the 1-1 draw was obtained captain Javier Mascherano cs against the United States in the previous game, a chore that must be completed Batista in their preparations to host the 2011 Copa America this summer.

Video results match Argentina vs Costa Rica can be seen in Soccer Video .

The composition of Argentina vs Costa Rica Cast:

Costa Rica: Navas; Duarte, Acosta, Vidal, Mora (Quesada 78), Borges (David Perez 59), Dennis Amos, Oviedo (Valencia 85), Ruiz (Barrantes 67), Saborio (Martinez 88), Bolanos (Marcos Porras 76 )

Argentina: Andujar; Angeleri, Garay, G. Milito (Ortamendi 46), Alberto Rojo, Banega (Belluschi 46), Mascherano (Bolatti 46), Biglia, Fabian Gaitan, Jose Sosa (Salvio 46), Pastore