Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Palas Oil Industry Investment Offer

Medan , 29 / 3 (Xinhua) - District of Padang Lawas, North Sumatra, offers investment opportunities for business players to invest in the sub sector, palm oil processing industry, along with increased production and oil palm plantations in the area.

Information compiled from County Government booth (Pemkab) Padang Lawas in North Sumatra Fair arena (PRSU) Medan , on Tuesday said, Padang Lawas current needs range from two to four units of palm oil mill else is capable of processing fresh fruit bunches (FFB) oil into crude palm oil or "crude palm oil / CPO" as much as 120 tons to 240 tons per hour.
Through the addition of a new VFD unit is estimated to total CPO production capacity in that area will reach about 640 tons per hour.

Regent Padang Lawas, Basyrah Lubis said the total area of ​​oil palm plantations in the region has reached 180 thousand hectares (ha) managed by 20 private companies.

He mentioned, about 35 thousand hectares more than the total oil palm plantation in the area is popular with oil palm plantation scale average below 25 Ha.

To sustain the performance of oil palm plantation business, according to him, in Padang Lawas currently has stood five units of the MCC with a total production capacity of about 420 tons per hour.

In addition to the CPO mill, in Padang Lawas has also operates two units of cooking oil from palm oil mill which is managed by PT Permata Hijau Sawit and PT Perkebunan Nusantara (PTPN) 4.

Type of other plantation crops nowadays actively developed in Padang Lawas, namely natural rubber and cocoa.

He confirmed, Padang Lawas have economic potential is quite diverse, ranging from the plantation sector, agriculture, fisheries, livestock, forestry and mining.

"In the plantation sector and the agricultural potential of land still available that can be exploited, especially around the district of Batang Lubu Sutam, Sosopan and Central Barumun," he said.