Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jackie Chan Reportedly Died

Jackie Chan Reportedly Died News Jackie Chan Died - Again, celebrity news emerged of the world died. After the issue of Mick Jagger's death, today's news emerged Jackie Chan died of a heart attack.

This news is crowded discussed in Twitter. Not only the general public who sing. Local artists were much affected. Call it, Julia Perez.

"Chenglung aka ... Jackie cans ... RIP .. .. * Also mourning nanggisdrop *," said Jupe in account @ juliaperrez.

Thalita Latif and Alice Norin is equally excited. "Haaaaa EMG jackie chan die??? There yg tau ???," Thalita said in his account, @ thalitalatief.

This Thalita shock disahuti by Alice Norin. "RIP Jackie Chan RT @ thalitalatief: Haaaaa EMG jackie chan die??? There yg tau?" said Alice on account @ alicesofieNORIN.

Among the celebrity of this panic, Sherina Munaf including those not affected. By relaxing this beautiful singer gives an answer to that news of the death of Jackie followernya mere hoax.

"Dude. Jackie is alive and well in Korea. What the hell does bgt yg make Trending Topicnya. Smsan Wong lg sm assistant. Stupid hoax," said Sherwood.

"Jackie Chan is NOT dead. Okay?" Sherwood firmly in your @ sherinamunaf.

Legal search results on Tuesday (29/03/2011), there is a site that proclaim the death of actor action film specialist, namely

Overview of site design is similar to Yahoo News. In fact, at the beginning of the news also helped CNN's international news agency listed. In the news presented that Jackie died of a heart attack. Jackie who is busy promoting the latest film Kung Fu Panda 2 is mentioned experiencing excessive stress and pressure that affect heart health.

In the news also helped the famous actor Will Smith is mentioned and even the President of the United States, Barack Obama helped deliver to condolences.

However, this site's credibility in doubt. The reason is, when you click the start menu refers to the site Free anonymous web hosting.

One Twitter user join a site that includes reviews about the news of the actor's Who I Am.

"RT @ sibaraninjep: Site itself is not the official site and it is doubtful the truth ...," said Lindsaycidut account owner @ Lindsay Christine.

When traced to Jackie Chan's official site was not found information about the grief the news. Last Activity Jackie namely on March 24, in which Jackie participated to help victims of natural disasters Japan.