Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lippo Village Inter-Continental Cuts passionate Monopoly Brand

Jakarta Hotel Inter-Continental, based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States sued PT Lippo Village because it uses the same brand in the network of PT Lippo Village apartment. However, PT Lippo Karawaci assess the Hotel Inter-Continental brand with the word lust monopolize Inter-Continental.
The plaintiff has created a climate of unfair competition by monopolizing brand lust with Inter-Continental in Indonesia, Lippo Village attorney said, in conclusion Ludiyanto submitted to the Chief Justice, Nani Indrawati at the Central Jakarta District Court, Jalan Gajah Mada, Jakarta, Wednesday ( 30/03/2011).
Ludiyanto explain, in Indonesia has tedaftar brands of the same name by another party's legal entity. However, due to different classes and different kinds of goods that remain listed.
It is not fair if the plaintiff wants the cancellation of the service marks Inter-Continental. Whereas said Inter-Continental is not the word creation plaintiff. The plaintiff is also not the first registrant of the word tersebur in Indonesia. Inter-Continental The word can be used by anyone, he added.
Not only that, Lippo Village also argues that the Inter-Continental brand services on behalf of the plaintiff is not the first registered in Indonesia. This word has been used by a day after the hotel which is registered on April 15, 1993. While plaintiffs' register on July 16, 1993.
Plaintiffs also never filed affidavit evidence in the trial, due diligence.
As is known, the Hotel Inter-Continental Lippo sue because they feel has registered its brand in Indonesia in 1993 to No. 313.01.011 dated 16 July 1993. The name and trademarks is given a number IDM000181945. Upper get this number, then the plaintiff has the exclusive right of trademark.
That is difficult to imagine another purpose terggugat, unless there is intent to free ride on the fame name and trademark plaintiff, bright attorney Hotel Inter-Continetal, Sani Effendy stated in the letter ditandantangani lawsuit by attorney George Widjojo.
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