Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Langkat regency of North Sumatra Province Helps Rp81 Billion

Langkat, North Sumatra , 30 / 3 (Xinhua) - The Provincial Government of North Sumatra in 2011 to allocate budgets for government assistance Langkat reach Rp81 billion.

"Provincial Government allocated Rp81 billion for local government in the form of revenue-sharing Langkat, financial aid, and assistance to underprivileged students," he said, H Junaidi Muslims MSi, Head of Social and Regional Development Planning Board of North Sumatra, in the capital Stabat Langkat, Wednesday .

Assistance provided includes help for the results of Rp40, 509 billion and financial assistance amounting to Rp31, 420 billion more.

It also support scholarships for disadvantaged students, improving teachers' welfare, pengadan drugs for public health, street violence, making bridges and elevated paret cucukan value of Rp9, 088 billion more.

According to Muslim Junaidi, general economic conditions in North Sumatra reflected in the growth rate of gross regional domestic product, according to main industry sectors ranging from 6.35 percent, he said.

There was an increase from the year 2009 is only around 5.07 percent, and growth rates are much higher than the national growth rate in the same period of 6.96 percent.

It is said, the current North Bappeda has entered the stage of preparation for implementation of development planning in 2012.

Where it begins preparation of Musrenbang process in all districts and cities, ermasuk in Langkat, which is an integral portion of the planning pembanunan North Sumatra Provinces.

Musrenbang serves as a coordinating media every program or activity that will be held in Langkat RAPBD 2012.

Meanwhile, Head of Regional Development Planning Board Langkat Ansyarullah SKPD explained that all the components that exist, are discussing plans for the allocate trending in the year 2012.

For all that's currently doing meetings to discuss the plan, so as soon as possible also to be submitted to the Pemprovsu, to be also accommodated in this upcoming budget, he said.