Tuesday, March 29, 2011

PT Asdal Impressed Not Obey UMP

SUBULUSALAM (News): PT Asdal company engaged in oil palm plantation in the village of Sultan Daulat Lae District Langge impressed so far does not comply with the provisions of provincial minimum wage (UMP) in Aceh.

"Thank God our house BRR has been occupied, but to meet the needs of everyday life we ​​have hired 90% dilahan people around, working on salary Asdal only 20 thousand a day as casual laborers, we hope the government can pay attention to our complaint to set aside land for farming, "said Ustad Reda BRR represent citizens when the first working visit prime Camat Baginda Sultan Daulat Nasution, SH together in Musholla Muspika BRR Housing (25 / 3).

It is said there are still many obstacles facing citizens Complex BRR, such as land titles and have not owned homes, religious facilities, health, education and roads that have been hardened a few years ago for paved and clarity of land boundaries between the public housing estates with an area he said.

Camat Baginda Sultan Daulat Nasution, SH in the right direction when the Company confirms PT.Asdal pay their workers salaries amounting to Rp. 600 thousand / month we will call and they must comply with the provisions of UMP Aceh Rp. 1,350,000, - each month, do not exist anymore as casual laborers (BHL) to be a classic excuse.

"In the future I wish for every company to contribute positively to the surrounding villages, it sounds awkward 90% of local people looking for work in the garden Company citizens while they stood in front of a large plantation. We expect the sensitivity and their concern over the existence of communities around the garden "he said.

Starting this year His Majesty said it is committed to implement the declaration of an integrated farm in this village so that all appropriate assistance to the Government, and right on target for the improvement of the economic benefits of citizens. Never again like years ago split-scatter distribution so that our difficulties in supervision.

Related to the proposed road, estates, religious facilities, health and education, pihakya hope for the village head and the device creates an Proposal submission for we both submitted to the Mayor. Especially for health problems next year will be constructed with care health center and is expected to fund billions of dollars to the Public Health Service Program for JKA and Jamkesmas not just a mere title he said.

Camat also instruct the residents BRR Housing complex for as many as 140 families participated succeed Pilkampong on April 25, next to a polling station in distributing their votes. He also promised for housing residents are active BRR will be prioritized recommendation letter home earlier and also filed a letter of permission to work the land to the Mayor for land for plantations with records must not be traded and must diusahai. (Zel)