Tuesday, March 29, 2011

SDN 3 Subulusalam Need 4 RKB And Libraries

Subulussalam (News): SDN 3 Subulussalam desperately need the addition of four new classrooms (RKB) and the library building so that the learning process had to be morning and afternoon.

"The learning process should be done morning and evening to the students, because they still lack the room to learn, grade IA, IB, IIA, B and C as many as 383 students we point the morning school and grade III, IV, V and VI, some 187 people to learn the afternoon with the system turns "says Sah Alam, S. PDI Principal SDN 3, Friday (25 / 3).

It is said the location pertapakan to build 4 new learning space is still available on the left-school and library area. Proposal submission is often the make to the Education Department of Culture Youth and Sports said local, but until now the realization never arrived, so the school along with elements of the committee very much hope that the Mayor of Red Way to pay attention to our existence and the budgeted fund is a minimum in 2012 was specifically .

Currently, Reveal Nature sah adding the total number of students 570 students, teachers board 29 people and for teachers who have entered the morning no longer masukdi afternoon, and to confront UASBN admitted his side have prepared students with a maximum ranging from discussion questions has been tested since 2008, les afternoon, how to charge sheet Try Out LJK and possibly also with the number of participants 92 students, he said.

For that he was expecting that the Board of teachers and parents of students can actually watch the kids for the future UASBN to obtain highly optimized results at the end of its implementation later. (Zel)