Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Strange, Carrot Shaped Legs and androgynous Ganda

Strange, androgynous Carrot Shaped Leg and Double - Daily News , The discovery of this unique carrot is indeed not new. However, until now the owner of a carrot-shaped legs and doubles pairs are still crowded people are curious to see first hand the uniqueness of these carrots. The owner called Yur (38), residing in Kampung Olo, Nanggalo District, the city of Padang, West Sumatra Province. Carrot plants have branches that form the waist to toe. When they should be, carrots included in these types of tubers that should not have branches. Surprisingly again, between two branches, on the front side, there are bumps (sorry, Ed), such as male and the other side, there is an overdraft (sorry, red) like the female sex.

Most are curious to see the carrots are a student who was a friend of students boarding at his house. Incidentally Yur also provide room and board because the house is located close to a private campus in the city of Padang.

Odd carrot is now only stored Yur seller who is also fried, in the refrigerator. "I do not dare cut it to be material bakwan. So I will remain stored in the refrigerator until softened later," explained Yur while showing a carrot that is now cold in the refrigerator. Since finding the carrots, Yur pleaded not there to feel strange. Gorengannya merchandise also mediocre.

"Perhaps it's a warning from Allah to us, by showing the waist to toe and bulge-like female and male genitals. It may be reminded, for young people today, no sinner," he said. Yur admitted it would not sell carrots. But he will submit them for free if someone asks carrots. "But what appealed to me, must promise to keep the carrots. Do not cut!" he said.