Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bomb squad Pattimura Airport Standby

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AMBON, - Ambo Island Police car to place a bomb squad unit in Pattimura International Airport, Ambon since last week. Placement of the car is intended to anticipate the possibility of bombings that occurred in the country is rife.

"Placement of one car unit Maluku Police bomb squad Gegana this only as a precaution against the possibility of a terrorist bombing in Pattimura Airport," said Airport Police Chief Pattimura, AKP M. Alfons, in Ambo, Wednesday (30/03/2011).

Placement of a car bomb squad units and 10 personnel equipped with metal detectors that also follow the instructions through the Maluku Police Chief Police Chief Gen. Pol Syarief Gunawan, in order to anticipate the possibility of bombings that occurred in this country lately.

"So far Pattimura Ambon Airport safe condition, including acts of terror bombings, but precaution is needed, so that flight activity to and from the international airport is guaranteed," he said.

It also has coordinated with the Angkasa Pura I as the manager of Pattimura Airport and the TNI Air Force (AU) to discuss joint security patterns and the steps that will be done if at any time of the terror bombs in the airport.

"We also regularly conduct raids along with the Air Force and security guards Angkasa Pura, to anticipate things that are not desirable because Pattimura airport is the only entrance to the Moluccas," he said.

Raids carried out not only to anticipate the action teros bombs, but also to things that are not desirable, including delivery of drugs and prohibited items through airport Pattimura.

General Manager of PT. Angkasa Pura Branch Ambon, Reggynald Kronnes, separately responded positively to the placement of one unit penjikan car bomb along with personnel Gegana Maluku Police in the Airport.

"Placement of a car bomb squad and police personnel Gegana Maluku is one of the Maluku Police efforts to create an atmosphere conducive and safe for flight activity and exit from the Moluccas," he said.

He hoped placement bomb squad cars and personnel Gegana can impact that aviation activity which served a number of airlines to and from outside Maluku to run smoothly and safely.

Kronnes add flights at the international airport activity is increasing, even Garuda Indonesia Airlines (GIA) also has added to her flight with the opening morning flights to and from the airport since 28 March, after previously serving only the afternoon flight.