Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DS Disdikpora degree range Tabligh Akbar

LUBUKPAKAM (News): Board of Education Office of Youth and Sports (Disdikpora) Deli Serdang District held a Tabligh Akbar, Thursday (24 / 3) in the Hall PGRI Disdikpora Deli Serdang, Lubuk Pakam, by presenting speakers KH Tohri Qori Tohir from Jakarta and the international level of Egypt Syeich Hajjad Romadhon Alhindawi.

Tabligh Akbar was attended by the Regent of Deli Serdang, Serdang Sekdakab represented by Drs H Azwar S Msi Chairman of Parliament takreem Fatmawati Hj, Hj Kadisdikpora Saadah Lopez Spd MAP. Officials and teachers in a range Disdikpora Deli Serdang regency.

Written Speech delivered Regent of Deli Serdang Sekdakab Drs H Azwar S Msi said Tabligh Akbar which is a significant activity in an effort to foster and increase faith and devotion to Allah SWT.

In the last two decades, the globalization of this epidemic and hit all nations, all religions fort pierce and poison all social levels of society, so the impact on the nation's moral decline. This certainly has become a serious threat to a variety of joint national and state life that has been shown by the sharp increase in acts of violence, murder, rape, drug abuse and free lifestyle, especially among the younger generation as the next generation struggle for the ideals of the nation.

Therefore we must fully realize that is needed now is a genuine concern of us all, especially from teachers who wrestle daily with the students, in order to protect our generation to become beings of development and a valuable asset for the future Regent front of the nation hope.

While Alustadz KH Tohri Tohir in Tausiyahnya invited all pilgrims tabligh akbar to always be grateful and patient person with a willing attitude and sedakah berinfak both dikala hard and happy, not how much we sacrifice when compared to the sacrifices of the Apostles who were willing to sacrifice his beloved, therefore let us try to train yourself to be able to sacrifice a party of wealth we get.

Deli Serdang Kadisdikpora Hj Saadah Lopez Spd MAP, as executor of said activity will become an annual calendar of events for educators in an effort to increase faith and devotion to Allah SWT. as creatures of God who truly grateful for the blessings given by God and love of nature and the environment. (JMC)