Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Officers Must Be Role Model Pay Taxes

Singkil (News): In the event Opening Day Role Model SPT delivery of Personal Income Tax on Home Office Singkil Regent, on Wednesday (23 / 3) yesterday, the Vice Regent called for local officials could be a role model of society to consciously pay taxes.

And not the other way delay the obligation of the State. For the high income earned from the tax sector will have implications to the acceleration of development. Similarly speech delivered Singkil Vice Regent Drs Khazali (photo), before all echelons and elements of other Muspida.

Furthermore Khazali said, Singkil tax revenue target this year, amounting to Rp 87.7 billion. With the numbers that are highly rated, we should be optimistic to be able to achieve that, viewed from natural resources, human resources and the achievement of the previous tax year exceeded the target.

The amount of tax opinions, according Khazali need close surveillance. "Paying off their taxes, observe the user, not to exist in Singkil Gaius" said Vice.

Previously Head of Tax Office audit (KPP) Pratama Subulussalam, Sincere Mulyono said it was working with Singkil Regency is committed to boost tax revenue according to the set target.

He also asked all parties, community and religious leaders to help promote the importance of taxes for state and local development. "Please during lectures or activities in the community, leaders help promote the importance of taxes. Said sincerely.

Collection taxed to do with persuasive Facebook to produce optimal results. But as the applicable rules of law enforcement, still apply when found in deeds detrimental to the finances of State. (Amy)