Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Citibank Customer Request Give careful Signature

Jakarta To prevent re-occurrence of fraudulent funds, Citibank asking its customers to be more careful to provide a signature that may be impacting on the movement of funds.
Managing Director and Country Business Manager of Citibank Tigor Siahaan said, in every transaction, the customer must be careful and meticulous.
We appealed to customers to be careful when making a transaction. Not to us alone but all other customers. Start a check, do not sign the statement or a blank check, said Tigor.
In addition, although customers already familiar with the relevant bank clerk, never once in a while to trust his money taken care of just like that. Because this is an open space for fraud.
Do not believe people even though we know the near future. My dad taught me since childhood, if you want a signature must be clearly signed. That's what I preach to clients, added Tigor.
We have called, check the statement that we sent each month. Not only in our banks but also at all banks, he explained.
As is known, the police had just arrested a former Citibank employee who alleged fraud amounting to billions of rupiah customer funds. Former employees of the initials MD.
MD allegedly named Malinda Dee. He is a former Citibank senior worker. In addition to MD, the police also arrested D, Citibank teller who allegedly participated in the burglary.
Malinda snared article 49 paragraph 1 and 2 of Law No. 7 of 1992 as amended by Act No. 10 of 1998 on banking and / or Article 6 of Law No. 15 of 2002 as amended by Act No. 25 of 2003 as amended by Law No. 8 of 2010 on the follow- money laundering.
Citibank has submitted its release on this case. Citibank ensure protection for its clients related to the case of embezzlement of Rp 17 billion fund it. Citibank confirms all customers secure and will be reimbursed for the disadvantaged.
It is our commitment to protecting our customers' interests, including immediately restore the losses suffered by customers who lost through unauthorized transactions in their accounts in a fair and timely, said Corporate Affairs Director, Country Head of Citi Indonesia, Ditta Amahorseya.