Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How it Works "Aircraft Beast"

The progress of time making the aircraft aerospace technology development, at present there are three strong sides in the world with highly advanced technology aircraft. The first is of course the United States, second is Europe and most recently Russia. All three compete to create a fighter with more advanced technology than that which led the stealth lainnya.untuk affairs remain the United States, while Russia can not be considered lightly with excess excess maneuverability, even though America has also developed technology that is not less speedily maneuvers with Russia as the application of Thrust vectoring, which "exhaust" the plane can turn turn into all arah.tapi between all these technologies will be discussed here is about how the aircraft got the nickname Stealth (Indonesia: Demon, could disappear.)

Russian-built stealth aircraft:

There are several American-owned aircraft that enter muthakir this Category of the aircraft the F-117, F-22, JSF F-35, and B-2. For Stealth own affairs can in akali the manufacturer with a design which minimizes plane curve whose function is to reduce the sharp angle corners that can be caught by the radar and appear at the RCS (radar cross section), except that there are also planes that already quite elderly, such as F / A-18 Hornet (although no excuse for Ko Ko has undergone an upgrade more than 30 percent) that covers some part on his aircraft with radar-like coating on the tip end of the main wing and part of his ruder.

Examples of how the aircraft which use stealth system (invisible):

In the picture above A F-117 aircraft to avoid radar because the design of the aircraft has a minus indentation so that the radar that the enemy will come from in pantulkan so that appears on the monitor RCS enemy is just dot dot (dot dot) is very small which can be regarded as a gang bird and not a plane that was slipping.

Similar to how the Bird's Nest:

Aircraft without stealth system (invisible):

This second picture is an F-15 Eagle that the design has many sharp curves on bodynya grooves so it can catch in the radar well and appear in the monitor as a dot dot RCS fighters who infiltrate. Maybe that's easy to picture why a plane can get away from security monitor enemy, but once the aircraft the F-117 proved to have weaknesses as well, during the Yugoslav conflict, the aircraft caught radar and shot down by missile-made SA-3 SAM Russia.ternyata crash that at the time of its bomb bay (door bomb) in an open, so maybe that's a sharp angle corner was caught by radar later in the attack with surface-to-air missiles (surface-to-air missile). In conclusion, it would need improvement in each generation fighter aircraft, with these improvements is a state party to reduce the number of fatalities is falling.

Aircraft American-Made Beast


to achieve the "stealth" there are 3 methods which currently known
1. engineering form (shape) as the form in F117
2. materials engineering (radar absorbant material) as in U2 (early generations)
3. engineering other technologies: plasma stealth, the effect first appeared in the Russian sputnik satellite, to the plane still kyknya still a secret.

however, its ultimate goal to be achieved in addition to a distinguished stealth invisible on radar, also invisible to the eye (like a chameleon) and is currently under study as well. if not wrong ever appeared in National Geographic television show about this, using laser technology and engineering materials for diverting the light that should be reflected so that the object appears behind the object (object to be transparent).

over time, also developing radar technology to detect stealth aircraft, such as radar 'radio', acoustic, infrared radar, radar thermal (heat), weather radar (?? least able to detect the air when the plane crossed tubulensi), etc.

so the cost of research for a big stealth aircraft can be counter to the development of more sophisticated radar distinguished.