Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chocolate Love So Robyn Kitchen Replication Materials

Creativity of a head is quite shocking pelontos and interesting to observe. Chocolate was originally used as raw material for food, can now be designed into the kitchen a unique architecture. Beginning the story of his journey with the chocolate we can describe in the story about this:
First try she likes, and tangible love, long an obsession. I was so obsessed with chocolates, Chef Alain Roby to build a replica of her home kitchen in Geneva, made ​​entirely of chocolate and sugar.

Previously he had built a chocolate skyscraper high as 20 feet and 22 feet Christmas tree. For the manufacture of kitchen beginning of last year, when he received donations from Callebaut, Belgian chocolate manufacturer. He started to melt the chocolate in the mold he designed himself, and then connecting each section using chocolate as well. Dishes made ​​from sugar, so it is with the polished tiles and carved the shape he wants. This obsessive project took many months and still continue to improve it from time to time. His name alone kitchen of chocolate.

"I like to break the record," said Roby. This bald man turned out already had two versions of the Guinness world record for the highest brown building and the tallest building of the sugar. Uniquely, he did not just to break the record. Precisely the pastry whiz is doing to raise awareness about heart problems. Reportedly he became involved with charity work after her son, who was then aged 16, collapsed on the soccer field and have been diagnosed congenital heart defects.

"I have no blood. It is the chocolate that flows in my veins," said Roby concludes. Steady, Rob! su MBE r