Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Citibank Funds Embezzlement Case Closed Meeting Customer by MD

Citibank Jakarta reluctant to open-aperture problem? deception operation mode customer funds to billions of dollars by former karyawatinya initials MD. The case was referred to Citibank isolated and are being dealt with the police.
This case is an isolated case of former employees and is under investigation and has been handled by police, said Managing Director and Business Manager Tigor Siahaan countr when met at the Hotel Mulia, Jakarta, Wednesday (30/03/2011).
When found, Tigor reluctant to say the pattern of fraud committed by MD. Even the number of customers and also embezzled money that was closed tightly by it.
Nothing to lose customers at all of these cases, clearly Tigor.
After emerge embezzlement case and the client, said Tigor, all Citibank clients have contacted and explained about the seat problem. They (customers) is quite happy and satisfied with current conditions, added Tigor.
Since this case reveals, Tigor admit it improve internal controls so that this case does not happen in other places.
As is known, the police have secured a former Citibank employee who allegedly embezzling billions of dollars. Former employees are MD Malinda aka Dee. He is a senior Citibank employee. In addition to MD, the police also arrested D, Citibank teller who allegedly participated in the burglary.
Malinda snared article 49 paragraph 1 and 2 of Law No. 7 of 1992 as amended by Act No. 10 of 1998 on banking and / or Article 6 of Law No. 15 of 2002 as amended by Act No. 25 of 2003 as amended by Law No. 8 of 2010 on the follow- money laundering.
Citibank has submitted its release on this case. Citibank ensure protection for its clients related to the case of embezzlement of Rp 17 billion fund it. Citibank confirms all customers secure and will be reimbursed for the disadvantaged.
It is our commitment to protecting our customers' interests, including immediately restore the losses suffered by customers who lost through unauthorized transactions in their accounts in a fair and timely, said Corporate Affairs Director, Country Head of Citi Indonesia, Ditta Amahorseya some time ago.