Wednesday, March 30, 2011

PAN Invite Democrats Stop New Building Construction

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: Chairman of the PAN faction Tjatur Sapto Edy fractions confirmed that deciding to reject the capitol building.

The attitude of refusal officially declared at a plenary session on Tuesday (29 / 3). Tjatur also claimed to have made a persuasive move to another faction of Democrats.

"We from the beginning also rejected the construction of this new building. We also communicate it to your friends via Pak Saan Mustafa Democrats (Chairman of the Democratic Party) to perform the patterns of persuasive, "said Tjatur when met after the meeting with the Community Enforcement Image Coalition House of Representatives and observers capitol building plans in the House chamber PAN Faction Wednesday , (30 / 3).

According to the Vice Chairman of Commission III, Secretary General of the Parliament to act as if this development can not be stopped. Because of the small voices of members is not heard, then the fractions choose express the official attitude reject the construction of the building.

"This secretary general midfielder (forward) and hold it, can not disetop. We ask that the first disclosure, and both seek the views of our constituents are the people, "he said.

Meanwhile, previously Vice Chairman of the House Anis Matta pleaded not understand with the factions that reject the capitol building. Because according to Anis, during the joint meeting, all the factions had agreed to build a new parliament building.

"I also understand all fraction baseball agreed at the meeting, which we can take this is a matter of consistency. At that time we to ask if anyone wants to reject, resist today, "Anis said when met reporters at the Parliament building on Wednesday (30 / 3).

According to Anis, new building construction continued until now because of the absence of a problem which is considered to stop the development process, and no faction who filed a formal letter refusing a new building. However, if later in the middle of the CPC found the problems associated with development, Anis invited to stop the construction.

"Nothing is official proposed rejection, no single case that could undo the decision of the leadership it. If there are things that are found on the trip by the BPK, KPK to be canceled, yes cancel it, "he said. (* / OL-3)