Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In the chaotic Persib Management Umuh Muchtar Replaced After Glen Sugita

In the chaotic Persib Management Umuh Muchtar Replaced After Glen Sugita . Shifting Diretur chair of PT Persib Bandung Dignity of Umuh Muchtar to Glen Sugita had been expected. Because since the beginning Umuh and the consortium as majority owner looks less so nyetel.

Umuh with a passionate sikpanya plus militancy as boboth Persib Persib very ambitious to raise achievement. Authority is very great because in addition to serving president director of PT United Nations, he was also manager Persib.

With that authority, he freely control Persib, Umuh took the initiative to bring coaches and players are considered to be menggerek Persib achievement. However, the style Persib Umuh handle the sometimes less computation in the financial aspect seems less in line with the policy of the consortium. PT United Nations wants to manage in a professional manner in accordance Persib business principles.

Conversely Umuh rate highly oriented consortium flying businesses. He also had complained about the consortium is not a pure fight Persib. "They just make Persib as a commercial enterprise," said Umuh.

Umuh also often disagree with the consortium led by Glen Sugita. In the early recruitment of coaches in this season, a consortium of thrusting Daniel Darko Janackovic, but Umuh already have their own candidate, namely Rahmat Darmawan and Albert Rene. Later Umuh accept Darko, but eventually Darko frozen out before the competition rolling.

"If I did not resign, then I funds that have been used Persib not be returned. Had I resigned because I want my money back," called Umuh.

Last comment is what makes the ear 's management, the UN and a consortium of hot bosses. So far they have never been forced to step down Umuh Director of the UN. There is also a statement of objections related smells SARA take place about who manages Persib and shareholders as quoted by an online media.

Vice President Director of the UN, Muhammad Farhan, denied charges of coercion behind Umuh case. Umuh pullback from the office of president is the mandate of the shareholders' general meeting (AGM) on 26 November 2010.

"The meeting agreed to build a good corporate, we did not expect the double post. When it appears the options Mr. Glenn became president director of PT United Nations and Mr. Umuh become team manager," said Farhan.

Farhan also claimed to be surprised with the statement that is offensive Umuh due to non-SARA SARA is one of the principle of PT United Nations, according to anti-racism stance championed FIFA.

"This statement is alarming. What is wrong with people that she loves Persib descent? We are also not likely to bring Persib out of Bandung," said Farhan.

Confusion that occurred in the management Persib in the middle of the season are not directly impact on the team. Players feel uncomfortable with situations that are not conducive to this. "I hope the problem is soon completed. Our task on the ground was very heavy," said Eka Ramdani, captain Persib.

Bobotoh really hope Umuh and the consortium would sit together to find the best solution for Persib. According to the Commander of the Vikings, Ayi Beutik, if both parties compact, can be a powerful force. Umuh have the militancy and determination to advance Persib large, while the consortium has the capital and the ability to manage a business.

"These problems usually occur in the transition period. However, if you can pass well, I'm sure Persib would be a big club, in terms of achievement or business. Over to progress Persib, all policies PT UN certainly we support," said Beutik.