Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Freemasons, Conspiracy and the symbol

A secret organization that was part of idol its adherents to become sole ruler of the world has a lot to carve out their history. This time I will explain about Freemasonry from the side of my thinking. Hearing the conspiracy theorists, but considering the official version. Freemasonry!

In this article I will not discuss about the history of Freemasonry, where they are, who they are, and what their function. I would do is tell you how far they exist and are present in this world with everything as if they are in the scenario. It may sound silly, but that's what they say are familiar with conspiracy theories. In essence, I will explain if in this article I will discuss about the Freemason symbol is applied to the various aspects of American life and the world.
We Start!

U.S. Dollar
Note the picture of this U.S. $ 1 Dollar!

Now consider the pyramid symbol of his more famous or unfinished pyramid with the name ..

I love first introduction ..
Freemasonry in short is called by the name of Freemasons, more short again just called Mason, as many times mentioned in Dan Brown's novel, The Lost Symbols, as well as in articles about other Freemasons.
Now I invite you to know what was called the Hexagram, the star has 6 vertices. This star is often identified with the occult, ie the pagans who often use this symbol in mengundan devil. It sounds silly, but like it or not we should be following the path of their mind if they also adopt the occult in their symbol. Now we will apply the Hexagram into the Unfinished Pyramid.

This is the result! Collection of capital that forms the word MASONS.

Surprised? do not always, the conspiracy theorists out there had already been menyangkan if the United States was founded by the Masons with the rest of their conspiracy. Call it the George Washington, the figure that the American people call the Founding Father, who would have thought if he turns out to be a masons.

United States Map
Maybe there has ever witnessed Demonds Angels and widescreen versions? There we can see if any Chapel or the church to form a specific symbol, if we look at the map. In the same way also turned out to every important buildings in Washington to form the symbols that have special meaning.

The points of this hidden corner of the symbol is important buildings of America

This time I will show you, what has been adopted by his American Founding Fathers. Design of important buildings are designed in America in 1791 by members of the masons of course, Pierre Charles L'Enfante. Picture of important buildings which, when strung together to form United Satanic Pentacles or in our terms is known as a pentagram, of course, if the planning design emphasizes important buildings is not only America to establish just the city, roads, and buildings, but more than that , a symbol of occult cults have been applied in the description of Washington by the Masons, of course.

George Washington
This time I will show how polluted the founders of the American people by the masons. Who does not know George Washington? One of the Founding Father America is regarded as one of the top brass masons who has managed to carve his name as the father of the American nation. Note the photo below.

George Washington in the ritual of Freemasonry for the groundbreaking of the U.S.. Capitol Building

The picture above contains the figure of an American father of the nation dressed in oversized masons. In the picture George Washington was doing the ritual laying the first stone of the Capitol Building in Washington. Preview rituals always involve a tripod as a tool in laying the first stone. The use of a tripod has nothing to do with the use of pulleys to lighten the stone base, but use a tripod here more leads into a ritual in the tradition of senior-senior masons as a mason.