Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Requested Fee Payment Fee Back into force

SUBULUSALAM (News): The principal's high school has Subulussalam ask for donations coaching school tuition payments (SPP) may be applied again in order to accelerate the learning process there.

"A lot of the current constraints faced in implementation of the learning process, especially lack of clarity about the school aid fund, and more ironically again National has been on the verge of eye exams, on the one hand the preparations should be made as closely as possible, regular fund also has not gone down is not no one certainty there or not fund it "said Drs. Syahmuddin, MSI, Principal of SMAN 1 Simpang Kiri. Friday (25 / 3).

It is said to address uncertainties in the school funding issues on this side very Subulussalam government hopes that through education agency may re-enact the tuition payment policy, as in previous years towards the implementation proeses learners to learn a safe, comfortable and good future.

In the face of the planned implementation of the UN in April next 18 to 21 admitted his side had done as much as possible by conducting lessons in the afternoon, discussing the past problems, tryout and enrichment. So that all students are expected later in the day its implementation can be completely ready for her strict UN Syahmuddin.

Once over the implementation of the UN later said Syahmuddin add new dilemma appears above predicted persiapa new admissions in this academic year, "Mobiler school is still less even exist 3 classrooms that have been damaged until barely used anymore, surprisingly why attention is always directed to the department Superior High School with funds pouring billions of dollars, like the other forgotten. (Zel)