Tuesday, March 29, 2011

North Sumatra Police Mafia No Fear Resistance

Medan , 29 / 3 (AFP) - North Sumatera Regional Police Chief Inspector General of Police Wisjnu Amat Sastro pleaded not afraid to fight mafia gambling, illegal logging, and drugs for ketegasannya in combating such illegal activities in the area.

"I bet my tenure, I was never afraid. It is general for any fear, "he said in Medan , yesterday.

Police said the commitment to eradicate all illegal activities in North Sumatra , especially gambling, illegal logging (illegal logging), and psychotropic drugs and addictive substances (drugs) are the responsibility of law enforcement.

In addition, the Inspector General Pol Amat Wisjnu Sastro also felt obliged to run the mandate it as a local son who wants to fix his hometown.

According to the police chief, the strong commitment to eradicate all illegal activity as it relates to the benefit of the people.

He cited illegal logging practices that result in damage to the ecosystem so that a region vulnerable to natural disasters.

An area that many have the practice of illegal logging, estimated to easily experience natural disasters such as floods because of its forests deforested and no longer able to hold water.

"Formerly a nice forest but because of the illegal lir finally bare. If it floods, do not blame nature, "he said.

Then, said police chief, the practice of gambling should also be eradicated because the more troublesome the community and can undermine social institutions.

"There is no gambling man so rich, the rich just dealers," said Police Academy Alumni of 1978's.

Police chief explains, a husband who diligently playing gambling is expected to reduce spending at the household money so his wife difficult set of food available to meet the nutrition of children.

"Nutrition of children less, ultimately stupid," said former Police Chief Advisor's Management Division.

However, the police chief said, the institute realized if efforts to combat gambling and drugs that require a more serious due to the bookie also clever and smart.

One of these efforts will be made among the mafia is by bribing police officers with a tempting offer of material. "This is what we libas," he said.