Tuesday, March 29, 2011

10 Film pertama Indonesia

1. Loetoeng Kasaroeng (1926)
Loetoeng Kasaroeng is an Indonesian film in 1926. Although produced and directed by Dutch filmmaker, this film is the first film commercially released involving the actor Indonesia.

2. Eulis Atjih (1927)
A silent film genre family melodrama, the film is directed by G. Kruger and starring Arsad & Soekria. The film was screened along with keroncong music performed by groups led by Kajoon, a popular musician at the time. Acts Eulis Atjih, a faithful wife who must live with her children destitute because her husband who left her to be left to dissipate with another woman, though with various problems, ultimately with the greatness of his heart Eulis willing to accept her husband's return even though her husband had fallen into poverty.

3. Lily Van Java (1928)
The film company that produced The South Sea Film and manufactured in June 1928. Tells the story of the girl who arranged marriage her parents when she had a choice. First created by Len H. Roos, an American who was in Indonesia for Java on the film. When he returned, followed by Nelson Wong in collaboration with David Wong, General Motors employees perusaahaan important in Batavia with an interest in art, forming Hatimoen Film. In the end, the film Lily van Java was taken over by Halimoen. According to journalist Leopold Gan, the film is still favored for many years until the film is damaged. Lily van Java is the first Chinese movie made in Indonesia.

4. Resia Boroboedoer (1928)
The film is produced by Nancing Film Co., which stars Oliver Young, a silent film that tells of the Young fen pei who found a book resia (secret) belonging to his father, who tells the story of a famous temple (Borobudur). It is told also in the temple there is a priceless treasure, namely urn containing the ashes of the Buddha Gautama.

5. Setangan Berloemoer Blood (1928)
The film, directed by San Tan Boen, after searching in multiple sources, the synopsis of the film is not yet known for certain.

6. Njai Dasima I (1929)
This film comes from an essay G. Francis in 1896 taken from a true story, the story of a mistress, Njai (housekeeper) Dasima that occurred in Tangerang and Batavia / Batavia that occurred around the year 1813 to 1820's. Nyai Dasima, a girl who comes from Kuripan, Bogor, West Java. He became the mistress of a British man named Edward William. Therefore, he eventually moved to Batavia / Batavia. Because the beauty and wealth, Dasima become famous. Samiun weighing one fan who was so excited to have Nyai Dasima persuade Mak Nyai Dasima Buyung to persuade to accept his love. Mak pitcher managed to persuade Dasima Samiun although already married. Until finally Nyai Dasima wasted Samiun after successfully used as a young wife.

7. Rob Preanger (1929)
Mother Ining never occupied the school, in the 1920s was a famous singer on Radio Bandung keroncong (Nirom Indies) who often sing around the area around Bandung. Then he entered the world of Tonil as a player and as a singer who had a show in the area around East Priangan. Play movie in 1928 which resulted in his next three films. The films were all silent films. When Halimoen film closed in 1932, also the mother Ining missing from the film world. But until the outbreak of World War II, he continued to sing and had also made a record in Singapore and Malaya. In 1935 he died at the age of 69 years because of pain from liver.

8. The Tjonat (1929)
The story in this movie spin on the story of someone who was nicknamed the Tjonat. Naughty since childhood, the Tjonat (Lie A Tjip) escaped to Batavia (Jakarta) after killing his friend. In this city he became a houseboy a Dutchman, instead of thanking you for a job, he also undermined his master's treasure gammer. Soon he switched professions to become a robber and fell in love with Lie Gouw Nio (Ku Fung May). But unrequited love, rejection Gouw Nio make run off by the Tjonat. Business evil prevented by Thio Sing Sang (Herman Sim) who valor.

9. Si Ronda (1930)
This film disutradaria by Lie Tek Swie & A. LOEPIAS (Director of Photography), and starring Bachtiar Efendy & Momo. The film tells the story of a hero fights that contain elements of Chinese culture.

10. Boenga Roos from Tjikembang (1931)
Indonesia's first silent film, this film tells the story of relations between ethnic Chinese and indigenous. In this film, The Teng Chun acted as director and camera. This story was written by Kwee and Dalia Union had staged opera in 1927, although only a summary of the story, that is about the Indo-Tiongha. And the film is reported by the authors of this Java-made Chinese film is the work of the Indo-Tiongha.

Blood and Prayer (1950), Indonesia's first film made by an Indonesian
Blood and Prayer is an Indonesian film by Usmar Ismail, produced in 1950 and starring Faridah. This film is the first Indonesian film made entirely by natives. This film is the first production of the Indonesian National Film Company (Perfini), and the date of the first filming of this movie March 30, 1950, who later celebrated as the National Film Day. The story of this film comes from the scenario Sitor Situmorang poet, told an Indonesian revolutionary fighter who falls in love with one of Dutch who became his captive.