Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Camat Rundeng Galakkan Budaya Gotroy

SUBULUSALAM (News): Camat Rundeng Masri. S, SP and Muspika down every week to visit villages territory to promote the culture of mutual aid in net Friday activities since its introduction last January made.

"After I was sworn in and made the handover of duty Jan. 13 cover was 10 times we went down to visit 12 villages. In the village chief and Sibungke Sahman we submit as many as 1000 stems cocoa seedlings to be planted yard yard Plantation and assistance from the Department of Forestry Subulussalam. Where is the production of later results can be used by the community "said Masri, SP, Friday (25 / 3).

It said the target implementation is focused into the net Friday Mosque, Musholla, public facilities and other places are considered necessary to involve local people. The goal if the existence of the environment can be protected from the comfort of coolness and public health can be preserved and protected from the influence of the source of the disease. He hoped that all citizens can proactively engage themselves to maintain the cleanliness, the environment.

He also hopes for PDAM Tirta Subulussalam power plant can be immediately enabled for the fulfillment of a decent source of clean water for residents. But before that Masri said his party asked for it to be socialized throughout the installation procedure, the price of water and other costs for society can be understood so that no problems arise later said.

Related Rundeng roadway lighting from the ground to grow and additional installation of electric poles in the Village Tualang can be a serious concern for the Mayor dna PLN and the addition of one Contracting Party Bus Fleet Transportation of school children by taking a route between Keamatan Sibuasan Village, Lae Mate, Mandilam, Belukur Makmur and Lae Pemualen. Because the distance from his village to school ranges between 3-5 km, when the walk takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour Masri added.

"I have invited the Chairman of PGRI and plans to visit each school along Muspika to review and see the direct activities of teaching and learning as many teachers whose information is often too late to come and live in Subulussalam as well as upon the village midwives and ultimately detrimental to students and community us "said Masri. (Zel)