Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Anecdotes Reflections GusDur

As a pluralist character, former President KH Abdurrahman Wahid or Gus Dur is also known as a highly humorous. Many celutukan, jokes, and responses regarding the events and complicated issues make the society frowning, with a reflex interesting tip lip and forming a smile.

Even Once, when asked about the "hobby" is, for Gus Dur, humor has become their daily diet.

"Gus, really like the humor continue anyway?" asked someone, who was amazed because Gus Dur's humor is always changing. "At boarding school, humor was a daily activity," he explained. "With a joke, we could for a moment forget the difficulties of life. With humor, our minds are so healthy," he continued.

A lot of humor that was brought Gus Dur on various occasions, we can see the following.

Humor NU
Like when people describe NU fanaticism, for Gus Dur, there are three types of NU.
"If they come from seven o'clock until nine o'clock at night, and told of the NU, NU's usually people who are committed and fanatical against NU," he explained about the first type.
The second type are those who, though already late at night, about twelve hours until one night, but still knocking on doors to talk about NU Gus Dur, "It's called NU madman."
"But if there are people who still NU also knocked on the door of my house at two in the morning until six o'clock in the morning, it's called NU a crazy person," said Gus Dur as he chuckled at that time.

Police Humor
Other humor in mind many people are in the form of criticism dolintarkan joke when many questioned the morality police, who could still apply to the present time although this humor flung setyahun ago.
"Good cop who was just three. Mr. Hugeng the late former Chief of Police, the police and the police statue sleep," selorohnya.

People of Religious Humor
Another joke leveled Gus Dur while attending the "Seminar on Indonesian national insight" in Batam. In front of 100 pastors from around the Riau Islands province, Wahid explained togetherness must start with a generous attitude toward others.
"Therefore, all the people responsible for our nation's future. It may fight one another but safety remains the priority," said Gus Dur laughter greeted the participants.

Humor House
He also had cast members joke about the behavior of the Parliament. Got referred to them as a kindergartner, Gus Dur was joking lawmakers have "come down the rank of" after the chaos in the plenary session discussion of rising fuel oil (BBM) in 2004.
"The House first playgroup kindergarten now," said Gus Dur at his residence in Ciganjur, Jakarta, South, Thursday (17/03), when answering reporters' questions about events in the House of Representatives during the trial Wednesday (16/03).

Jihad Humor
Even when responding to jihad acts by many Muslims who believe his death will "guarantee" a place in heaven, Gus Dur even threw back his jokes.
"Gus, true that the bombers had died a martyr and met an angel in heaven?" asked a reporter to Gus Dur.
Gus Dur replied, "Do they already exist that prove? Of course not right, clerics and terrorists that's also never been to heaven. They were clearly not die a martyr but died ill. And even if they go to heaven, they'll be sorry to see bidadaru, because its head is left in the world and detained by the police. "

Humor Pilgrimage
Could Gus Dur truly believe in the signal from the tombs of ancestors? It seems he did believe it, because Gus Dur is always ready with a persistent and earnest defense of "ideology" was his. Though it often makes trouble his colleagues.
But, this is probably the correct answer, when asked why Gus Dur frequent pilgrimages to the tomb of the scholars and ancestors.
"I came to the tomb, because I know. Those who died had had no interest anymore," he said.

Gitu Aja Kok Repot
Besides humor, Gus Dur is also known by the community thought the answer that simplifies the sometimes convoluted. He often said, "why bother Gitu wrote."
Like when he responded Probosutedjo statement regarding the truth about the condition of the sick Soehrato. At that time (March 2, 2000), Wahid pleaded not allowed to meet with Soherto.
Gus Dur admitted, from his side no problem at all to visit Suharto, and his door was always open. "The case I went with who was not a problem. By Marzuki Darusman or if you need to bring my entire cabinet. So just why bother," he said.
The same answer also raised the grandson of the founder of NU when responding to the demands of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI).
"Do not be afraid and worry, stay calm. Gitu wrote why bother."

Speech has become its own trademark, so that this remark also imitated by Gus Pur in the event of the Republic of Dreams.
When asked Andy F Noya in the show Kick Andy, regarding the role that dilakoni Handoyo, Gus Dur was again responded with lightly.

"Abis how again, well anggep alone. Itung-Itung advertisements (ads) for free," he greeted the audience laughter.