Monday, March 28, 2011

Train Ship Procurement SMK Negeri 3 Bitung Allegedly Problematic

Bitung - The world of education re-exposed to the issue of Bitung City is not tasty. Because the provision of training ship SMK Negeri 3 town of Bitung in 2007 falling coconuts.

Evidenced by the intersection siurnya still purchase the number of budget-making materials and ship to ship machines allegedly used junk.

"I understand the train shipbuilding budget Rp450 million, rather than Rp250 million as noted by former Principal of SMK 3 Bramy Ulag country," said School Committee Chairman SMA Negeri 3 Bitung City Lius Makagiansar to beritamanado, Sunday.

Makagiansar admitted, he has data about the provision of such training ship. Where to procurement of Rp9 million machines only because buying secondhand machines. Also the materials used in the manufacture of ships using only wood from the mango tree clearly not strong enough to be used as the base material because the ship did not survive when exposed to sea water.

"Not only written evidence, but I also store photos ship engines that are deliberately purchased the former to suppress the use of the budget," he said.

Not only that, Makagiansar also denied if the vessel is often used for training students. Because according to him, not even one year after the making of the ship has had to take a dock, because the machine used and the materials are not intended for shipbuilding.

While Ulag that no other country of former headmaster of SMK 3 when contacted separately denied everything said Makagiansar. Where he says, the machine was purchased training ship around Rp45 million and raw material of the ship he did not know exactly what type of wood used.

"Clearly the price of the machine is not Rp9 million, but Rp45 million because I also remember how much less exact numbers. So is the material the ship because there are teams who handle procurement, "said Ulag.

According Ulag, the number of procurement projects such training vessel total of Rp450 million, but that has included fishing gear such as nets that ranges from Rp100 million and the remainder for the cost of shipbuilding. (En)