Saturday, April 30, 2011

Why Michael Bolton Choosing Agnetha Faltskog?

Agnes Monica

Agnes Monica gets a surprise, at the time of completing the project 'rahasia'nya for two months in America. He requested a duet with Michael Bolton. Their duet rendition of "Said I Love You But I Lied 'that will be included in the latest album the singer from the United States.

Oriental-faced singer, admits the recording process with Bolton only resolved within one day. Why Bolton chose to be a friend Agnes duet?

"I was not asked to him, but he had explained that he likes the same type of sound I was. He listened to the album because I was too. She says I sound like the same kind. And the funny thing is she said 'and I Like Your Campaign', "said Agnes.

Bolton's last remark that makes the artist's birth raised July 1, 1986 it was pleased. Understand it, because all this time Agnes is determined to pursue his dream to go international.

"He said it was positive and he made ​​it a matter that needs to support. I still do not kepikiran anything. When I heard like that, I'm just thankful, "he said, pleased.

Duet with foreign singers who already have a name, of course, become a pride of its own for the chanter 'Matahariku' this. Moreover, Bolton gave freedom to Agnes to sing as usual.

"He freed me to be myself. We have special interpretations on the songs we sang. And she always ask me, we always discuss everything together, "he said.