Friday, April 29, 2011

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DJ Gisva

DJ Gisva

DJ Gisva

DJ Gisva

DJ Gisva

DJ Gisva

GISVA 'Topless DJ Obsession'

The girl from Bandung was admitted to almost instantaneous and not ngoyo pursue a career. Although time playing in the soap opera 'Tulalit' and 'Heaven on Foot Stepmom', his wish would be a DJ. Unmitigated, she wanted to look 'naked' or topless during the spinning action in the booth

Reasons interested in being a DJ
Glad wrote. I really like the same music, especially progressive. But because of his training at the techno, like it or not techno as well.

Why like progressive?
Everyone knows about progressive song. Techno is still a lot who do not know.

What you learn DJ obsession?
Want to be seen. If I play right, good, must be accepted at any club. If many people who see and like, automatically will become famous. DJ Gisva, so you know.

If only known person, it is not just a DJ. Moreover, girls also have a lot DJ. According to you, your beauty will also influence the profession?
Not really. In fact I've heard, DJ naked could be paid handsomely to Rp20 million. Nyari it's easy money? Fine deh, so learn to DJ. I think naked while nge-DJ cried too.

There desire is known as a DJ you naked?
Yeah really, but do not know anyone willing to offer or not.

Do you feel naughty and naughty?
Not very naughty. Perhaps more precisely like rah-rah with friends, clubbing.

Nice free sexy as well?
Not really. I do not like-like so. Sure never did too, he ... he ... he ...

Type what song you like?
Standard lah, mellow songs Indonesian bands.

Never mind the band's lead singer?
Well, might his band broke up because the tape does not conduct, he ... he ... he ...

How about a cafe vocalist. Is not Bandung warehouse cafe band?
Not least, seems tired. Wanted an instant-an instant only.