Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gossip about the MBA, Risty Tagor not Want Take Dizziness

Slanted news Risty Tagor blow after giving birth. Rumors say, he is an MBA (pregnant out of wedlock.) Risty choose closed ears.

"His thing baseball have to be discussed, yes Ma'am. Biarin others say. Everyone must have their own problems, "he begged.

Risty quibble reluctant to make her own stress by thinking about gossip. The reason, as a mother breastfeeding her worried mother's milk will cease because the mind of stress.

"If I'm stressed out, I stopped breastfeeding. So lazy to know about what people think and diomongin about me and Rifky, "elaknya.

The case has said the family did not know the birth of his first son, Safa and Marwah soap opera actress was denied.

"The family I know. Yesterday the brothers come to bring presents, "he added.

Risty Tagor birth Arsenic Raffa Balweel on Friday, April 8, 2011. Maternity Hospital was originally reported in the UB Women and Children. But personally, Risty not want to justify.

"Problem hospital where, baseball need yes, Ma'am. In South Jakarta numbers lah, "he said.

Impressed sudden marriage, it could lead to skewed if Risty pregnant news first. So is her son who was born six months after the wedding that was held on October 2, 2010.