Saturday, April 30, 2011

Agnes Monica More Than Music Selects Main Movie

Name Agnes never soared after playing in the soap opera 'Early Marriage' famous in 2001. But for now, Agnes admitted more interested in focusing on the world of drag votes.

"Here I am honest I wrote it a priority in the music because more want to overhaul what is so short and what has been so over me," he said.

Agnes is a multitalented artist. Not only good at singing, he is also excellent in acting. In fact, in matters of music he began to achieve his goal to go international.

Recently Agnes involved making an album in Los Angeles, United States. No training while also satisfying, the artist born in Jakarta on July 1, 1986 was to attract topnotch musicians, Michael Bolton for a duet partner.

Agnes previous international career was first recorded when involved in Asian drama series 'The Hospital'. Agnes was a partner Jerry Yan, one of the F4 personnel. He also admitted he would never forget about ever major in acting.

"For problems that later we'll see what I disconnect management. If today is still focused on music, "he said.