Saturday, April 30, 2011

In the movie "Ghost rocking hip bath", Sasha Grey intending to Subscribe Topless United States adult film star, Sasha Grey, digaet play local film titled Pocong Shake Hip Bath. In the comedy horror film that, Sasha guaranteed to Umbar chest (topless) and nearly naked.

"This film is devoted to adult. But we still have certain limitations. To me, this is normal because of entertainment, "said producer K2K Productions, KK Dheeraj.

When pressed whether the restriction in question is Sasha appeared topless and semi-nude, KK replied firmly, "Yes basically all there. Anyway, this film because it's a complete entertainment package. "

Bring back porn star, even dared to boast the movie will feature sensuous scene, a man of Indian descent are not afraid of controversy.

"We do not see from the negative side only. Moreover, this film was made for people who miss the Hollywood movie, "he said.

He assured, there is something different from the film. One of them, because the filming done in Hollywood, KK sure the audience longing for a Hollywood movie would be a little relieved.

"This film is different from the others because the film is shot in Hollywood, in addition to filming in Indonesia. I intend to make films in Hollywood because Hollywood movies right now rare. So I want to release people will be longing for the Hollywood film, "he explained.

This is not the first time displaying KK Dheeraj American porn star. Previously, the people of this country are treated to performances by Tera Patrick who collided acting by Catherine Wilson in Kuntilanak Virgin Moan movie which was released in October 2010.

Virgin Kuntilanak moans KK Dheeraj claimed success drawing attention and watched by 600 thousand people. It seems tempted to gain success abound, KK again displaying a porn star as the allure of the film.

Indeed, when interviewed in December 2010 Legal, KK promised to bring more American porn star who is far more bombastic than Tera Patrick. And yes, this is the promise KK Dheeraj. He proved his words with a hook Sasha Grey.

Currently, the movie is still filming. If you overdo curious, KK Dheeraj optimistic that it will release the film later this month.