Saturday, April 30, 2011

Reach Afghan Pop Solo Album SCTV Music Awards 2011 Ngetop


Afgan was awarded the prestigious Pop Solo Album Ngetop on SCTV Awards 2011. Afgan beat senior, Agnes Monica.

Men born May 27, 1989 that was never expected to beat Agnes. This award is a tribute to the 4th of the same event.

"I do not have thought there'd see rival Agnes, I do not have thought this year to win again," he found in Hall D, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta on Friday (29/04/2011) night.

In that event, Rowman 'Purple' won the Drum Players Favorites. This was the second time for Rowman, he also did not expect much because the other nominees younger than him.

"Many young people are better at it, not have thought this for a large family and Purple," said Rowman.